We deliver professional services to the E&P Upstream Driling business (incl problem solving, operations mgt, optimisation, R & D, high end investigative solution etc). We deliver start up programs and drilling structures for new players in the oil and gas drilling business. We develop drilling and workover concepts and proffer most efficient solutions to wells issues. Our other services includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Manage total drilling business cycle or aspects that client may consider a challenge.
  • Location preparation (land, swamp and shallow offshore)
  • Well programming
  • Well operations monitoring
  • Drilling advisory
  • Well optimisation, drilling the limits and value generation from field  development concept
  • Drilling contracting
  • Other surface engineering services (pipeline, flow station repairs, instrumentation, logistics etc)
  • Well construction
  • Training and resourcing
  • Standards compilations and implementation